My ideal woman is – Complimentary to me. A partner in life. Successful and intelligent. Ambitious. Attractive and likes to be shown off. Let’s be a power couple.
Drink of choice – Hennessy X.O.
I’m never happier than when I’m – watching a good football/basketball game with my puppy
In my free time I – run my side construction company, play sports, go to dinners
It’s a deal breaker when – she’s a party-animal
The best way into my heart is – being thoughtful and considerate. Be my biggest fan! :)
If I had $10 for a date I would – buy a single rose, and cook a delicious meal at my home
If I had $10,000 for a date I would – I am very generous and fairly indulgent, so my urge would be to spend it on a couple first class plane tickets, followed by a shopping spree for her, and finished off with a luxury dinner somewhere overlooking downtown or the ocean